customized foam

Sustainable foam-core

ARIAPRENE® customized foam

We understand that brands would like to have their ionic outlook on the finish products. So we ARIAPRENE® has many options for the upper, foam, and lining fabrics.

For waterproof fabric, the package can have anti-wicking or water-repellent on the surface, and with none perforation or little holes to have breathability. The HOKA Tennine Hike GTX for example on the tongue. Read the full post HOKA TENNINE HIKE GTX.

 For outdoor sandals or quick dry fabric, the package can have mesh fabric plus perforation ARIAPRENE so that the water can easy go though and out.

You can start to sending us your finish using environment and performance needed to start.


ARIAPRENE® custom foam in 3D Simulation

Introducing the very first time that ARIAPRENE® realizes the multi-layer simulation possible. Now you can select the upper fabric, mid foam core specification, and lining fabric to create your personal lamination. Try it now.

ARIAPRENE® CUSTOMIZED FOAM go with 3D simulations

ARIAPRENE® customized foam goes digital

ARIAPRENE® has online sample booklets and book to download and browse right on your mobile devices, laptops, or even desktops for CMF, materials, or development needs.

The sample books cover the common uses on ARIAPRENE® packages. Of course, those are all customizable to fit brands’ needs.


Not only online pdf files for sample booklet. ARIAPRENE® also cooperated with the 2 leading textile swatches platform Material Exchange and swatchbook.

More about digital file, ARIAPRENE® now go with 3D simulations. Find your preference outlook fabric, foam thickness/hardness/perforation, and lining fabric styles. ARIAPRENE® can now simulate and showcase in 3D file (.u3m) so that designers can render the materials on 3D sneaker/shoes model right in the second. This can save the sample production lead-time and cost. Of course, the carbon emission is reduced here.

REACH One hundred and ninety-one (191) substance in the Candidate List to SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern)

US California Proposition 65 Requirement: Total Lead content, Total Cadmium content, and Phthalates content

Public Law 110-314 (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, CPSIA)

Toxic Free

Passed Skin Sensitization Test by intertek.

BUILD your brand personality

ARIAPRENE® is fully customized with all your preference, choose your unique design for color, hardness, thickness and perforations

Surface and Backing Fabrics

Surface and Backing Fabrics

Over 100 Surface and Backing Fabrics

Foam-core colors

Foam-core colors

Over 30 color options


1.5mm – 8.0mm


1.5mm – 8.0mm






Perforation pattern available

100+ Perforation pattern available

Wanna get full Peroration Catalog NOW ?

Customized foam Characteristics

ARIAPRENE® changes the status quo by re-using these foam wastes and scraps as recycled material to reduce landfill, incineration, and reduce use of virgin ingredients.


High flexibility ensure movements are not restricted


Ultimate Cushioning


Extreme temperature management Closed-cell structure keep temperatures for longer


Heat processing applicable for 2D embossing, 3D shaping, and No-sew application.

customized foam Applications

ARIAPRENE® is a your perfect choice for outdoor activities in extreme weather conditions

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