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What is Foam Core Board? The advantages you should know


Foam core is a versatile material with many applications. Ariaprene delivers high-spec foam core technology for a superior experience.

Selecting the right materials for your products is crucial. You need the appropriate materials to fulfill the goals of your product, providing the features and quality that you promise your customers. Foam core is an incredibly versatile material that is used in a broad range of applications. From footwear to advertising, foam core offers a flexible, durable way to get your product design right. At Ariaprene, our foam core technology is a sustainable, high-quality solution to multiple problems. We offer a choice of foam core technology to meet your needs.

What is Foam Core? 5 reasons why you should choose Ariaprene


What Is Foam Core Borad?

Foam core is a dense foam material that is sandwiched between other materials. Foam core material is usually inexpensive, making it an excellent choice for many projects. The foam has traditionally been made from lightweight polystyrene, but a range of materials have been developed to help offer more sustainable form core solutions.

Foam core is often used for the purposes of comfort, breathability, shaping, and more. Its wide range of applications gives product developers multiple ways to achieve their goals.

The Advantages of Foam Core Board 

Foam core has many benefits when used as part of the design of any product. It’s flexible, durable, versatile, and lightweight. Additionally, Ariaprene foam core technology offers sustainable ways to use foam core in your products.


Foam core is very lightweight, which makes it suitable for many applications where reducing bulk and weight is important. Different weights are available, so product developers can select the best option for their product. The lightweight nature of foam core means that it offers superior comfort in items such as clothing, shoes, or bags.


The versatility of foam core makes it a popular material across different industries and for products of many types. It has a diverse number of applications and continues to be used in many different ways to produce various results. The lightweight and flexible nature of foam core is perfect for anything that requires a lot of movement or is required to be as comfortable and unobtrusive as possible. Foam core can help to reduce vibrations, cushion impact, and improve breathability. With different thicknesses and hardnesses available, foam core can be used to meet almost any need.


The cost-effectiveness of foam core is one of the key reasons it’s such a popular material in different industries. Foam core is typically inexpensive to produce, and its durability also means that it lasts. When designing a high-quality but budget-friendly product, foam core is one of the best materials that can be employed.


People may often think of foam core as a material that isn’t very eco-friendly, but advancements in foam core technology have made it a much more sustainable option. Foam core can be produced using recycled materials and using environmentally friendly processes. Ariaprene has made great strides in offering foam core solutions that are more sustainable than ever. Our products have been developed from the ground up with sustainability in mind.

the advantages of Foam Core-Sustainable

Applications of Foam Core Board

Foam core has an extensive range of applications. Its versatility makes it the perfect material for many products that require a flexible, durable material. If you are looking for the right material for your product, foam core could deliver the properties that you require.

Here are some of the applications of Ariaprene foam core technology.


Foam core is a very useful material in footwear manufacturing, and particularly in the design of sports and outdoor footwear. Functional footwear needs to be comfortable, shock-absorbing, and breathable. It is required to meet tough conditions so that it can stand up to wear and tear while being comfortable for the wearer. Foam core is the ideal choice for many footwear applications to provide comfort and protection within shoes and boots. As a lightweight material, it’s a good fit for footwear as it doesn’t make the footwear heavier for the wearer.

Ariaprene foam core products have been used in hiking boots and shoes, mountain biking shoes, work boots, running shoes, climbing shoes, and more. Our foam core technology can be layered together with other materials to provide stability and support. It helps to reduce the weight of high-performance shoes, provides breathability and flexibility, and creates comfortable footwear too.

Backpacks and Bags

Backpacks and other bags are a popular application for foam core. Foam core can be used in many different parts of a bag, including straps, back panels, and in the overall shaping and structure of the bag. Foam core offers comfort to people wearing or holding bags, creating padding for a comfortable fit. Many bags, including high-performance backpacks, need to be made using breathable material to allow air to flow, particularly around the straps and back panel. Foam core is an excellent choice for this purpose, allowing for breathability while also creating a comfortable fit.

As well as helping to make backpacks and bags more comfortable, foam core can also be used to provide protection to the contents of a bag. It helps to cushion the bag’s interior, protecting it from bumps and knocks. Ariaprene foam core technology has been used in cases for laptops and other devices, providing a soft but durable layer of protection. Our foam core is also used in backpack straps and back panels, as well as other bags, cases, and more.

Apparel and Accessories

In addition to shoes, foam core is also suitable for other wearable items. It has myriad applications in apparel and accessories as a very versatile material. Foam core can be used to provide structure to a garment or accessory, to make it more comfortable to wear, or to create protection for the wearer. This means that foam core is particularly useful for a range of sports and active apparel and accessories.

Applications of Foam Core-Apparel and Accessories

Ariaprene foam core technology has been used as a material in everything from mountain biking knee pads to lacrosse gloves and water bottle holders. As well as providing comfort and protection, it can convey insulating properties when needed.

Why Choose Ariaprene for Foam Core Board?

Not all foam core is the same. When you are looking for foam core material for your product, selecting the right technology is essential. At Ariaprene, our foam core technology is suitable for many applications and products. We have developed a number of technologies over the years to meet the needs of different customers.

Here are some of the top reasons to choose Ariaprene foam core:

1. Multiple foam core products

Over more than a decade, Ariaprene foam core technology has developed to offer a range of products. Our foam core materials include AP Terra, our TPE foam core fabric made from repurposing our own production surplus, Ariaprene Rev, which can be combined with mesh, textiles, or film, and Ariaprene Pro, our thinnest and stretchiest material. In total, we have six core technologies on offer, with the option to create custom foam core products.

2. Environmentally friendly solutions

Sustainability is a key principle for all Ariaprene foam core materials. All of our materials are conceptualized with environmentally friendly and sustainable practices in mind. We do all that we can to create eco-friendly products with sustainable methods, from recycling materials to ensuring our products are free of any toxins.

3. High-quality materials and production

All Ariaprene foam core products are made to an extremely high standard. Our quality products are developed to meet the most stringent demands and deliver a host of benefits. Our foam core features exclusive water-based lamination technology and US patented multi-tier cloth to offer the highest quality to all product designers and developers.

4. High performance

Our technology is designed to be hypoallergenic, quick-drying, flexible, and ultra lightweight. Its high-performance design makes it the perfect choice for your application. It offers stability, compression, stretch, and breathability to fulfill the needs of many products and their key customers.

5. Fully customizable

Ariaprene offers custom foam solutions so that you can tailor your materials to your product. We offer many options for upper, foam, and lining fabrics, enabling you to completely customize the foam core that you choose. We offer options for waterproof fabric, breathability, quick drying, and more.


Foam Core Board FAQ

Is foam core environmentally friendly?

At Ariaprene, we strive to make our foam core materials as green as possible. We develop all of our products to be sustainable, using environmentally friendly practices and recycling materials.

What thickness is foam core?

Foam core is available in a range of thicknesses so it can be customized for a variety of applications. You can customize your foam to have a thickness of between 1.5mm and 8mm, with different levels of hardness available too.

How can foam core be used?

Foam core has an amazing array of applications. Some of the ways Ariaprene technology is used include footwear, bags, and sports apparel. Foam core can be used to provide protection, stability, flexibility, breathability, and other excellent properties.

Ariaprene foam core technology is incredibly versatile. Find out more today to discover how our materials can benefit the development of your product and deliver superior performance.

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With the future of our planet in the hands of the humans who inhabit it, we all must do our part to make a change. AP Terra is a new line of materials made from recycled Ariaprene products. Terra is made in-house from up to 100% recycled Ariaprene material, ensuring our unused product is being repurposed correctly. By repurposing what would normally be considered waste, Terra reduces negative environmental impact and helps reduce our carbon footprint.