Sustainable foam-core

The ECO Next Generation: AP TERRA™




Humans generate an astronomical amount of trash, and the numbers for waste production are growing at a rapid pace each year. In 2016, 2 billion tons of global waste were produced, and that number is expected to almost double by 2050. ARIAPRENE® has addressed the need for sustainable materials since 2004, using water-based adhesive to laminate all of our products and recycling unused materials to reduce carbon footprint.

With the future of our planet in the hands of the humans who inhabit it, we all must do our part to make a change. Introducing AP® TERRA™, a new line of materials made from recycled ARIAPRENE® products. Terra is made in-house from up to 100% recycled ARIAPRENE® materials, ensuring our unused products are being repurposed correctly. There’s no guarantee that what we intend to recycle is actually being recycled.

Our foam lamination process produces (what could be) a lot of waste. We believe in reusing as much of our materials as we possibly can. To optimize sustainability, the cutting edges of our materials are collected and mixed again to create a new product. ARIAPRENE®’s TERRA™ line is created using ARIAPRENE®’s own extra materials – everything that’s recycled is done on site. This means that products that use TERRA™ are still 100% ARIAPRENE®, and can be up to 100% recycled.

At ARIAPRENE®, transparency regarding how our products are made is critical. Brands that use ARIAPRENE® materials have a responsibility to their consumers to ensure that they’re ethically made. AP® TERRA™ materials are created with a high priority towards sustainability. Brands that use our products can trust that we are repurposing our own unused materials. This means that TERRA™ is made with the same quality that’s always expected from ARIAPRENE®, from breathability and comfort to appearance and style.

In addition to sustainability, TERRA™ encapsulates all the benefits expected from any other ARIAPRENE® materials. Where style meets comfort, TERRA™ can be made to reflect burgeoning fashion trends, and is more breathable than our original foam. Terra allows unique functionality for designers, including the ability to create a graphic between layers. Patterns are built directly into the foam, meaning less processing time and dimension that looks and feels unique. Terra is fully customizable, adding a human touch of distinction wherever necessary.

AP® TERRA™ is the next generation of ARIAPRENE® foam materials. TERRA™ reduces negative environmental impact on the planet by repurposing what would normally be considered waste. Made using ARIAPRENE®’s own recycled materials, TERRA™ helps close the loop on unnecessary waste production, furthering sustainability initiatives for both brands and consumers.