Sustainable foam-core

Better Products Start with Better Materials 


We all want the best products.  We want the running shoe that offers support and stability while making us faster, the laptop case that truly protects our electronics, or even a wetsuit that is good for the environment.  And everyday, designers are trying to make products like these better by fine-tuning existing designs or coming up with a new and out-of-the-box solution.

However, to actually take the performance of a product to the next level, the materials used need to be made better and smarter too.  This is how Ariaprene was born.  We set out to make superior products by re-imagining how we engineer the synthetic foam used in those products.

The difference between Ariaprene and other synthetic foam starts at the beginning.  A proprietary chemical base is formed into a pellet.  This chemical compound is what gives Ariaprene unique qualities like stretch and recovery. Once the core pellet is created, we can then control other factors such as color, weight, density and performance all depending on the intended final use of the foam.

Check out our YouTube Video to see this unique process, from compound to completed foam, and learn how each step helps make a final product that functions and performs better. Also find out more about how every piece of Ariaprene has been infused with one extra special ingredient – innovation.

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