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ARIAPRENE® Pathfinders: Pensole Footwear Design Academy


We teamed up with our friends at Pensole Footwear Design Academy to tell the Ariaprene story through a designer’s eye. Based in Portland, OR Pensole offers a world class education for footwear design with D’Wayne Edwards, functional apparel and accessories (FAAS) with Angela Medlin, and color & materials through their MLab with Suzette Henry.

We got the chance to sit down with Founder D’Wayne Edwards, MLab Founder Suzette Henry, Creative Design Resource Manager Anna Marie Smith, and Marketing Designer & Founder of SneakerWeek PDX Herb Smith and Patternmaker Jared Max Fiorovich. We got to look at their process behind the scenes and see how Ariaprene fits into their academics, from a designer, brand, and educator’s point of view.

To learn more about how you can attend, visit In addition to the wonderful team at Pensole, we’d like to give special thanks to D’Wayne Edwards, Suzette Henry, Anna Marie Smith, Herbert Smith, Jared Max Fiorovich , and Wichaya Chantarasamee.

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It seems that everywhere we look there’s news reminding us of climate change and the increasing threats to our planet. Is it any wonder that in order to reduce our carbon footprint we need to look down at what’s on our feet? While sustainability is growing in importance to consumers, brands must still achieve the high quality standards they are known for. When sustainability is thrown into the material mix, can brands still satisfy all the demands being made in the marketplace?