Sustainable foam-core

Ariaprene Featured in Textile Insight Magazine



Ariaprene synthetic foam is engineered to do more than just meet sustainability requirements. It’s built to exceed them. From the beginning, we chose to create an eco-friendly, non-toxic performance material, because we believe the sustainable future starts not with regulations, but with voluntary and passionate innovation.


This fall, we were thrilled to be featured in Textile Insight’s issue on sustainability. The Textile Insight feature highlights the “second skin” approach to Ariaprene, combining technical movement support with a lightweight, hypoallergenic fit. In this way, Ariaprene meets the exact needs of athletic apparel market, attracting heavyweights like Nike and others who are striving to reduce their ecological footprint.


View the full Ariaprene article by Textile Insight.

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It seems that everywhere we look there’s news reminding us of climate change and the increasing threats to our planet. Is it any wonder that in order to reduce our carbon footprint we need to look down at what’s on our feet? While sustainability is growing in importance to consumers, brands must still achieve the high quality standards they are known for. When sustainability is thrown into the material mix, can brands still satisfy all the demands being made in the marketplace?