Sustainable foam-core

The Evolution of Hiking Boots


Arc’teryx is a company built on the idea of evolution. In fact their namesake and the first reptile to develop feathers for flight, the Archaeopteryx, perfectly symbolizes this desire to constantly improve. For 25 years Arc’teryx has been known for quality outerwear and outdoors equipment but evolved this month with the introduction of their new high-performance footwear line.


There are eight models to choose from for both men and women. And all eight are designed to perform better than your typical hiking boots. The seamless outside shell is durable enough to handle the elements, but lightweight for day or thru-hikes.


One unique aspect of the design comes from the removable liners. This two-part design helps reduce rubbing, which can cause blisters. The tongue-less liner is also stretchable and provides a waterproof and breathable surface. The bootie liners have their own rubberized sole so it can be worn as a pair of camp shoes after a long day on the trail. The designers also wanted every step to be comfortable, which is why they custom designed the footbed for optimal arch support.

If you’re ready to upgrade from your standard hikers they are available now.