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The Comeback of the Nike Air Mowabb



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For decades the Nike ACG line has brought urban chic to sport utility footwear, and few ACG shoes have been more influential than the Air Mowabb. First released in 1991, the Mowabb’s speckled outsole and eye-catching upper pattern became icons for a generation of sneaker design.

To celebrate 25 years of ACG innovation, the Nike Air Mowabb made a comeback in 2015, featuring all-new colorways and materials. The bootie of the new Air Mowabb uses Ariaprene as a sustainable replacement for its original synthetic foam construction. From classic Trail End Brown to the new Militia Green and All-Black colorways, Ariaprene gives the Air Mowabb its bold style and lightweight, breathable comfort.

Using non-toxic Ariaprene is helping Nike push closer towards its overall sustainability goals. Innovations like Flyknit manufacturing and the Making App allow designers to make eco-friendly choices in materials and methods. Nike’s continued efforts to reduce their impact are setting a powerful example for major apparel companies looking to step up their sustainability game.


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The Nike Air Mowabb is available in limited supply at select footwear retailers.

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