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Lundhags Shell Boots




Swedish Lundhags was founded in 1932 by the shoemaker Jonas Lundhags. The knowledge and traditions of making performance, comfortable and durable boots have since been passed on from generation to generation. To this day, Lundhags is famous for their boots and quality products manufactured to cultivate the Nordic outdoors.


ARIAPRENE® features in many 3-Layer Boots made by Lundhags. Positioned in the middle layer in between 2 leather layers to stabilize the foot, provide comfort and protection. Lundhags 3-Layer boots utilizing ARIAPRENE® range from Light all-round boot, Technical all-round boot, to advanced hiking boot and Technical hiking boot.


Tjakke Mid is a technical all-round boot with 3-layer construction that handles rough terrain. Right in the center parts of the boot shaft is 4mm ARIAPRENE® MAX in between 2 leather layers to provide support and stability.

A lower and light version of Tjakke Mid called Tjakke Light Mid Slim is also available. The lighter version shares many of the main characteristics with Tjakke Mid but with lower cuff and slimmer upper, the center part ARIAPRENE® REV adjusts to 3mm in thickness while both of boots are equipped with Vibram outsole and soft midsole to handle tough terrain without sacrificing comfort.


The boot shaft of Professional II High Regular is built with ARIAPRENE® in the center of full grain leather on the outer layer and microfiber lining. Closed-cell structure of ARIAPRENE® Rev provides certain insulation quality; keeps dry easily and light in weight.

Lundhags most technical 3-layer shell boot, Jaure II Ms High is made for demanding hiking. It features 2 types of ARIAPRENE® in its boot shaft, ARIAPRENE® COR and MAX. While ARIAPRENE® COR absorbs shocks to provide best protection; ARIAPRENE® MAX is soft yet supportive.

These high shaft boots are developed for extreme conditions. The hardwearing outsole, built-in toe protection and extra heel grip made it ideal for hikers carrying heavy packs and hiking in untracked terrain.

Lundhags has their Shell boots built to last for a very long time, and comfortable enough to wear them everyday in any weather and season.

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