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Why We’re So Happy To Be The Alternative Foam Of Choice For Incase


Once in a while we read about design companies who are using green materials in ways that are so innovative, they make their customers excited to buy their products. These companies use eco-friendly materials, but keeping the main focus on the product design and technical material stories.

One of those companies is Incase Designs, the manufacturer of iPod, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, and guitar cases.What we love about their approach is how they find ways to accentuate the advantages in sustainable materials and processes. One example of this is their Pathway Collection of laptop cases. With a classic canvas-trimmed-with-leather design, it’s one of the most stylish ways to transport your Mac. But there’s more here than meets the eye.

The canvas is uniquely dyed so that it uses 90% less water than traditional dye methods. Of course Incase may not brag about that, because for them choosing eco-materials is a way of life, not a marketing strategy.

And it’s why we’re so proud that they use Ariaprene for their line of MacBook sleeves sold exclusively at Apple stores. They choose Ariaprene because it looks and feels great, provides superior protection, and it’s truly a green alternative to traditional synthetics.


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