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A new casual bag series using high-performance ARIAPRENE® material is launched by Japanese Bag brand PORTER.

PORTER was launched in 1962 as a main brand of YOSHIDA & Co. established in 1935. PORTER has pursued to create lifelong beloved bags by manufacturing “Made in JAPAN” bags and dedication to excellence in every stage from all parts of selection to design and sewing.

The brand name was taken from “porters” who handle customer’s bags at hotels, pertaining to their closeness and insight into bags.

PORTER recognized ARIAPRENE® fabric from shoe upper material of sneakers and sports footwear, and took a deep dive into the composite material to find the best match of mesh, fabric and foam-core combination to build the exclusive material package for the new casual series PORTER HEXARIA.

PORTER HEXARIA features ARIAPRENE® as the main material of the bag series. The composite material is made with three-layer structure consisting a polyester mesh on the front surface, a Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) foam layer in the middle, and a jersey made of polyester as the back surface.

ARIAPRENE® is adopted for functional purposes and limitless looks; the three-layer and customization characteristics enable extensive colors choice to be mixed and matched to the color design. Black colorway adopts black for all three-layer, Navy colorway adopts white for the middle layer but navy for front and back surface. Finally Fuchsia Pink sandwiches the white in middle layer with neon lime jersey to enhance the texture.

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