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ARIAPRENE® – A Perfect Fit For Camelbak Hydration Systems


You probably know that Camelbak makes the world’s leading, high performance personal hydration systems. They’re the preferred way for explorers, elite athletes, and even military to make sure they’re getting enough water in extreme conditions. But do you know how Camelbak was invented?

In the late 1980s paramedic and bike enthusiast Michael Eidson was competing in a 100 mile road race in the middle of summer in Texas. It was aptly named the “Hotter’N Hell 100.” And for this race, getting enough water between the few hydration stations wasn’t just a good idea, it was a matter of survival.

To solve this, Eidson filled an IV bag with water and slipped it into a white tube sock. Using a clothespin, he clamped the thin IV hose to front of his jersey, then stuffed the rest of the contraption down the back of his shirt. The ingenious, hands-free Camelbak hydration system was born.

Fast forward twenty years and Camelbak, now used by athletes all over the world, is looking for a material to replace the synthetic foam in both their hydration pack and water bottle carrying systems. It must be durable, light weight, a good insulator, and non-toxic.

ARIAPRENE® was a perfect match. Our material is not only strong enough and light enough for the extreme conditions a Camelbak system must endure, but it actually provides 30% better insulation than traditional synthetic foam. Not to mention our toxin-free and recyclable properties.

We’re proud to say we’ve now replaced the tube sock in Eidson’s invention. ARIAPRENE® now helps Camelbak users ride farther, hike longer, and run harder all while keeping their water cool and pure.

Camelbak ARIAPRENE® bottle carrier

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