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Nike Vapor Speed Uniform


Football trainees are no strangers to intensity. The average day on the field requires a breathable uniform that can stave off sweltering heat, while protecting against the bumps and bruises of player contact. In 2015, Nike set out to do both, using athlete insights and lightweight technologies to engineer the Nike Vapor Speed training uniform.

The Nike Vapor Speed uniform uses strategic Ariaprene pads on the knees, hips and shoulders, fortifying trainees in the places they experience the most impact. Ariaprene’s perforation patterns work with Nike Dri-FIT fabric to ventilate heat and wick moisture. It also reduces chaffing with its hypoallergenic properties, along with an offset seam construction to prevent skin abrasion.

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Powered by Ariaprene, the Nike Vapor Speed uniform gives players just the right amount of armor for explosive performance, now available at the Nike website.

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