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EPOCH Integra Elite Gloves


The EPOCH Integra Elite Glove features ARIAPRENEⓇ composite material in key slash zones, incorporating Epoch’s Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam Stacks to provide player with maximum protection on the field. 

The glove also emphasizes on wearing comfort, its streamlined design with Epoch’s new molded cuff increases wrist mobility, seamless and one-piece palm also helped to  reach maximum comfort all while achieving performance. The Epoch Elite further strengthened its Player Core Control by featuring S. Cafe Technology, a recycled fabric made from coffee grinds which helps to cool, reduces odor, dries quickly and provides UV protection during game play. 

Team sports as active and fast paced as Lacrosse require complete protection. The NEW Integra Elite Glove was tested in-game to gather insight from professional athletes in the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) and crafted for highest-level players.

Key features:

  • MADE WITH ARIAPRENE: Designed to feel and perform like a second skin, allowing the user to experience unrestricted movement control with impact properties; Provides an additional protection layer in key slash areas in the integra protective line
  • PLAYER CORE CONTROL: Epoch’s lacrosse protective gear has Player Core Control which features the S.Cafe Technology that combines coffee grounds that helps cool, reduces odor, dries quickly and provides UV protection during game play
  • COMPOSITE MATERIAL AND TRI-LAYER DUAL DENSITY FOAM: The Epoch lacrosse gloves uses a non-rigid stabilized composite material that is extremely lightweight and flexible; Features a Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam Stack for hit/impact protection
  • AX SUEDE ONE-PIECE PALM: The Integra Elite Gloves feature a one-piece palm made with Ax Suede for its moisture wicking characteristics, superior feel and control; Eliminated the seams on the palm by using a sonic weld to improve lacrosse shaft handling


Credit: Epoch Lacrosse Unveils Their NEW 2020 Integra Protective Line

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