Sustainable foam-core

Developed from the ground up with clean technologies such as toxic free foam, and solvent free lamination, ARIAPRENE® originated as a performance material for footwear and has evolved over the years to become a full movement support platform. The foam-core technology is now being used in a wide range of applications for footwear, apparel, accessories and equipment. ARIAPRENE® represents a new class of materials, opening the door for product innovations previously unavailable in footwear, apparel, and technical performance gear by filling a void in lightweight movement support materials.

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From inception, the product was developed to be environmentally correct. ARIAPRENE® foam-core technology surpasses all the required restricted substance lists and was built to be environmentally "future-proof.”

The patented technology was invented by Tiong Liong Industrial Co., Ltd in Taichung, Taiwan. ARIAPRENE® is committed to creating sustainably manufactured materials that continue to push the boundaries of performance and design.

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