ARIAPRENE® - Synthetic Rubber & Foam in Shoes and Backpacks

Engineered Movement

ARIAPRENE® foam-core technologies represent a new class of materials. It’s upping the ante of what’s possible for footwear, apparel, accessories, and other technical gear. Each foam-core package is engineered to feel and behave like a second skin, pushing the boundaries of performance and design.

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Experience Unrestricted Movement Control

ARIAPRENE® synthetic foam packages are fully customizable to strike the perfect balance between stability, compression, stretch, and breathability. Athletes and leading brands alike recognize the features and benefits of ARIAPRENE®. Our performance shoe foam packages have become a new material platform for product developers and designers not only for shoes, but for developing innovative applications in equipment, apparel, electronics and even wearable technology.

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Synthetic Foam

Engineered Flexibility and Responsiveness

Hypoallergenic with a quick drying foam core, ARIAPRENE® is safe for the skin and non-irritating. It not only feels like a second skin but it is lightweight and highly flexible, offering unparalleled performance during a wide variety of activities.

Foam for Shoes

Create Stability Without Boundaries

Each foam-core package can be dialed in to provide the perfect amount of support for the body’s natural movement for a variety of activities. ARIAPRENE® offers customizable compression, stability, and movement support, all in a breathable, technical package.

Rubber for Shoes

Unlimited Design Possibilities

ARIAPRENE® shoe foam can be made in an endless variety of color, embosses, perforations, and treatments. Performance and design can finally coexist, changing the game and opening the door for new possibilities and innovations.

Built for the Future

ARIAPRENE® foam core technology surpasses all of the required restricted substance lists and is built to be an environmentally “future-proof” material. Brands are now leading their industries with sustainable suppliers and manufacturers, and are exceeding current industry standards with our foam-core packages.

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